Work begins on 500 space car Park in Plaza Ajedrez


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ESTEPONA | Estepona Town Council has begun construction work on a public underground car park in the Plaza del Ajedrez.

The project also includes the beautification of the square, as well as the renovation of the infrastructures in the adjacent streets, such as Calles Mallorca, Menorca and Francisco Gutiérrez.

This facility will have more than 500 parking bays over two floors, giving it a constructed area of 15,000 square metres in total.

The car park will operate in a similar way to the one in Plaza Antonia Guerrero with a pioneering system of a price of one euro a day and with the management of the facilities through Aprona, the Estepona Association in Favour of People with Functional Diversity, in this way the Council promotes the integration of this group of people in the workplace.

In addition, there will be the possibility for residents in this area of the town to purchase a private parking space in the facility.

The company that has been awarded the works will also pay into municipal coffers 0.7% of the contract's value, which amounts to a total of 11.6 million euros, which will be used for social purposes.

The works have an execution period of 16 months. Among the actions that will be undertaken is the beautification of the square's surface and the garden areas, improvements in the sanitation network with a new sewage and rainwater system, replacement of deteriorated elements in the water supply network, a new network of public lighting, repair and replacement of electricity services, as well as improvements in telecommunications infrastructures.