In the Shadow of the Narco


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The recent screening of the Netflix series ‘La Línea: Shadow of Narco’ has focussed the world’s attention on the activities of the narco gangs in the Campo de Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol whose almost daily activities have long been a feature of life here in the South of Spain. 

Whilst at first glance the series appeared to paint the area in a bad light, those that persevered through to the final episode will have been heartened by the optimism of the Mayor and the people of La Linea as well as the recent successes of the police and security forces in decapitating two of the the area’s leading crime ‘clans’. 

Despite these successes the current economic climate can only drive more people to the temptation of the ‘narco euro’, with unemployment climbing daily, and the forecast for the coming winter looking more and more gloomy, then the attraction of big bucks, even at the lowest level - the young spotters and lookouts, is a strong influence. 

And it’s not just drug smuggling that is on the rise, there is evidence of a rise in robberies from businesses and private dwellings which is another indicator of the poor state of the economy. 

Without wishing to get political and also lacking the answers myself, the Government at all levels, both regional and national need to get their act together and honour their promises to small and medium sized businesses and the self-employed to help them prosper, as it is these entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the economy. 

Best regards 

Gary Beaumont, Editor