Estepona, criticises the mess caused by the fishing fleet and lack of action by the Council


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ESTEPONA | "Marinas del Mediterráneo continually communicates its own and clients' complaints about this constant problem," according to press release from the port's management.

The Estepon Agency(APPA) and the Ministry of the Envof the waters of the nautical area ofthe port caused by the fishing fleet and the fish market. Both fleets exist opposite each other within the same port area.
"We constantly see fish boxes and various types of rubbish floating between the docks of the marina, despite the continuous work to clear this rubbish carried out by the Estepona Marina Operations" they state in their complaints.
Faced with this situation, Marinas del Mediterráneo continuously reports its own complaints and those it receives from the users of the marina to the aforementioned administrations, they have even made it known to the Estepona Council's Environment Department. However, the marina concessionaire insists that "we have not obtained any type of response from the responsible authorities or a possible procedure to hand over the responsibilities."
Manuel Raigón, managing director of the Estepona Marina, has expressed his discomfort with this situation that damages the image and the facilities of the recreational area of the port, “which we try to improve through the work of collecting and cleaning that our team does” and regrets that the relevant authorities ignore these complaints.