Casares prepares a centre for the elderly in the "Peñón Roao" building


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CASARES | Mayor Pepe Carrasco has announced that "the Council has already completed the plans to renovate this space for the use of our elders."

The works will provide the building with a lift, will create a rehabilitation area on the top floor for the Memory School and will house the kitchens of the social dining room, assured the Mayor.
The Council is preparing to start the renovation works on the “Peñon Roao” building, which will become a centre for the elderly and their dependents, integrating the social kitchen, the pensioner's home and the Memory School and it will be expanded with a gym area.
Likewise, accessibility will be improved with the installation of a lift that will allow the Memory School to connect with the gym area on the upper floor for physical exercises and rehabilitation. To make it easier for staff of the social kitchen, the kitchens will be moved to the -1 floor, where the library was.

The refurbishment project will involve an investment of around 400,000 euros, for which the Council has financial support from the Provincial Council, which is expected to contribute 50%. The project also includes the improvement of the roof of the building.