The local Police and Civil Protection will control entrance to shools


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MANILVA | Local Police and Civil Protection officers, will control the school accesses to avoid crowds and ensure that the established rules are adhered to, with regards to the return to school in Manilva.
The Education Councillor, Daniel Muñoz, has met with the Councillor for Cleaning, Paqui López, with the directors of the schools and with the security forces, to organize the return to school with the maximum safety measures, both for the students as well as the teaching staff.
This meeting was also attended by the Mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, who recalled that "after the measure taken by the Junta de Andalucía to start the courses in person, the Council will provide all possible support so that it is done with the maximum measures of safety".
Another measure will be that parents "will not be able to access the school buildings when dropping off their children", although in some cases they will be able to enter the courtyard. In primary schools, the playgrounds will be divided so that students cannot mix with each other and will also leave in a staggered manner.
Regarding cleaning, Councillor Paqui López confirmed that "the staff that provides its services in primary schools will be reinforced, with more staff and in the morning there will be one person per school who will be in charge of permanent disinfection."
The municipal nursery schools will begin on September 1, followed by nursery and primary school students on the 10th of the same month and secondary and high school students on September 15.