Draws and gifts to encourage buying in local shops


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CASARES | The customers of the establishments signed up to the campaign will have the option of monthly draws or direct monthly gifts with the purchase vouchers accumulated in stores, bars, restaurants and other local establishments in the scheme.
When the monthly tickets reach 75 euros, the customers can enter into draws for gifts such as Casareños earrings, the Cd-DVD Las Estrellitas del cielo or vouchers for the paddle tennis courts.
And when they reach 150 and 300 euros per month they will have the option of direct gifts to choose between entries for the gym, the swimming pools, the football ground or to acquire school supplies.
To participate, those interested must bring the tickets in an envelope to the Casa Natal de Blas Infante before August 30. The first draw and delivery of direct gifts will be held in early September.
Encouraging consumption in local establishments and tourism in general is one of the objectives of the Casares Council's strategies to combat the economic downturn resulting from Covid19.
The draw campaign will run until December 2020. If you are an establishment based in Casares and you are interested in joining, send a request to the Blas Infante House Museum (email: turismo@casares.es / 956985521).