The Government proposes a part-time "back to school" timetable from 3rd year of ESO


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MADRID | According to a draft protocol at the state level, the students of Third & Fourth year of ESO and Baccalaureate would return to classes alternating their physical presence at school or college with distance learning from their home. "They are ages (14 and 15 years) in which students can stay at home alone, without their parents, and can receive part of their education online," explained sources close to the Ministry of Education.
This plan contemplates that students from the third year of ESO attend the school or institute on alternate days, thus avoiding possible large scale contagions in the classrooms, said the same sources. Everything for a safe and guaranteed 'back to school', they add.
Regarding Infant and Primary Education, as well as the first two courses of ESO (secondary education), the measure being instituted include the constitution in schools of the so-called "bubble groups".
Ultimately, it is proposed that the classes isolate themselves from the rest of the school's population, thus avoiding the massive spread of the virus.
The aim is that the school maintains its activity in case of contagion and that teaching is not interupted for the whole school if a student is infected and their classmates have to comply with a quarantine.