Mario Jiménez announces the launch of the "Activa Manilva" Plan with 1 million euros


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Manilva | MANILVA | Manilva Council will hold a regular council session by video conference next Thursday, 4th June, during which the local government team will announce the launch of an economic reactivation programme for the municipality, which will have a budget of more than a million euros.
For Mayor Mario Jiménez "it is the most important council session to be held so far, due to the measures that will be taken in it, these being focused on alleviating the negative economic effect for the people of Manilva".


🔹 € 350,000 for the recruitment of personnel, through the social emergency exchange.
🔹 € 350,000 for contracting minor works, in order to prioritise small businesses in the municipality.
🔹 € 225,000 earmarked for charitable assistance, with the aim that no neighbour is left behind in this crisis situation.
🔹 € 200,000 to subsidize companies in Manilva that, due to the pandemic, have been forced to shut down their establishments.
🔹 The total elimination of the fees that bars or restaurants usually pay for the occupation of public areas, as well as offering the possibility of expanding their terraces.
🔹 For tourism, a campaign will be created aimed at citizens of the Andalucian provinces (Seville, Córdoba and Jaén), with the aim of attracting tourists from these areas.