Under 14s to be accompanied by an adult, among the measures to be adopted when beaches open


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CASARES | Among the rules prepared by Casares Council include special attention to be paid to leaving rubbish and / or cigarette butts on the beach, as these are an major source of contagion, and another of the rules that will come into force is that children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Casares Council is preparing for the summer season with the compilation of a comprehensive document covering everything relating the municipality's coastline.
Safe practices will be established including: capacity control and safe distancing between people, both on the beach and in the water (2 metres), and between umbrellas (4 metres).
The plan includes cleaning and daily disinfection of all the beach furniture (showers, toilets, walkways, etc.) and of the sand itself. Hydrogel dispensers will be installed in showers, waste containers and toilets (their use is mandatory on entering and leaving).
The new plan will be accompanied by an information campaign, which involves the installation of special posters with all the safety and hygiene measures.
Among the rules and advice, is the recommended hours are 11am to 8 pm, and to not spend more than 4 hours on the beach, as well as the prohibition of large inflatables (such as li-los) in the water.
The dog beach located at Piedra Paloma will continue to be open, but with extra safety and hygiene measures.