Winners of the II Estepona International Mural Competitión


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Estepona.-  The first prize in this second edition of the contest went to the Russian artist "Sav45" for their creation that represents women in a 'mystical way', with the second going to the Brazilian muralist "Treco", who produced a work inspired by Picasso.
Russian artist Vyacheslav Gunin "Sav45" has won the II Estepona International Mural Competition with the work "The Fall".

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The jury took into account the social component of this creation that represents in a mystical way the woman who dreams of nature. In the opinion of the jury members, this mural, which is located in the Isabel Simón neighborhood, captures in essence the commitment the town is making to the environment, which has turned it into the 'Garden of the Costa del Sol' .
"Sav45", who wins a prize of 10,000 euros, is an artist based in Barcelona, and is well known for executing murals in natural settings and in sparsely inhabited spaces.
The second prize of 5,000 euros went to the Brazilian artist Andre Farkas ‘Treco’ for his work ‘The Blue Phase of the Curious Bird’ that was painted on a building on Avenida San Lorenzo.
The jury noted the technique of this artist, who lives in Sao Paulo (Brazil), as well as the use he makes of colours and shapes.
In this second edition of the contest, organized by the Estepona Town Council, with the collaboration of the Unicaja Foundation, a total of 104 artists applied to participate, 48 percent more than in the previous edition of the competition.