Manilva Council prepares an advisory service for businesses


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Manilva.- Manilva Town Hall will launch shortly an advisory service for businesses and the self-employed.

This was revealed to La Voz del Resident, by PP Councillor and member of the government team, Francisco Miguel Alvarez who assured LVR that "it is an idea that has come about due to the complexity of the different procedures for assistance and other measures in this period of emergency that, if they are complicated for people with the right training, we can imagine how difficult it must be for those who are not used to dealing with these matters."
Councillor Alvarez assured the LVR that "it is something that came to my mind because of the continuous questions people ask me, both on the street and at my lawyer's office, which I have communicated to the mayor who immediately, gave the government team the okay to move forward with this."
Councillor Alvarez confirmed that "starting today, a telephone number will be set up for consultations, which will be staffed by a municipal technician, with a degree in law, who will also have my personal support and that of my office in this work to support our self-employed, entrepreneurs and businesses".
Francisco Miguel Alvarez did not rule out that, what is born today as an "urgent" service and as a consequence of the pandemic, could become a permanent service provided by the Manilva Town Council.