Casares presses forward with for families and the self-employed


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Casares.- Casares Council has approved the Plan to help families and reactivate economic activity in the municipality, which focuses on two initiatives, one for small businesses and the other for families.

These are part of the measures promoted by the local government to alleviate the crisis caused by the coronavirus and has a budget of 1.5 million euros.
Casares is to allocate 60,000 euros to aid to the self-employed and micro-enterprises, to reduce the impact of economic damage on local businesses that have been affected by the declaration of the state of emergency.
The subsidies will range form 750 euros to 1,500 euros, depending on whether they have had to cease activity or have seen a reduction in invoicingo of 75% or 50%.
Applications will be invited once the regulations are published in the Official Provincial Gazette (BOP) and will be managed through the subsidies department of the Casares Town Council.
Interested persons can consult the complete requirements on the notice board of the electronic headquarters of the Casares website
Information can also be found governing applications for subsidies for families that will be processed through the Casares Council Social Welfare office, as they are intended for families or people who have been evaluated as being of the highest level of vulnerability within the Social Insertion Plan.
The Council hsa allocated 50,000 euros for three types of aid: one intended for the payment of supplies, basic food and the acquisition of medicines, the second for the payment of rent for housing, and / or rental of university student housing, and the third for transport assistance for active job searching.