Spain to introduce 14-Day quarantine for international travellers


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The quarantine requirements for travellers go into effect this coming Friday, May 15, and will remain in force throughout the duration of the state of emergency, which is due to end on May 24. If the emergency state is extended for another two weeks, the travel restrictions will continue to apply.

Spain is following in the footsteps of many other European countries that have introduced 14-day quarantines for travellers entering their territory. In Spain, until now, this isolation period had only been applied to repatriated Spaniards and residents of Spain traveling from Italy. Starting on Friday, the same rule will apply to all international travellers, with a few exceptions.
During the quarantine period, anyone coming into Spanish territory from another country will have to remain inside their home or rented lodgings. Trips outside will be limited to the purchase of essential products such as food and medicine, to seek medical assistance, and for other situations of urgent necessity. Face masks must be worn at all times.
The quarantine order will not apply to cross-border workers, long-haul truckers, airplane crews and health professionals on their way to work, as long as they have not been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19.
Health authorities may contact individuals in quarantine to check on their health status, and anyone who develops symptoms is instructed to call the regional health services.
Travel agencies and transportation companies will have to inform prospective customers about these requirements when travel arrangements are made. Airlines will provide customers with a Passenger Location Card that passengers must have with them when they enter Spain.
According to the government, “the favorable evolution of the epidemiological situation” and the start of the deescalation process “make it necessary to reinforce control measures" based on the global distribution of the virus and the principle of precaution.
The Interior Ministry has also decided to reestablish air and maritime border controls. Only Spaniards, residents of Spain, cross-border workers, diplomats and people traveling for reasons of necessity will be allowed into Spanish territory through these borders.