Modifications to the rules on car occupancy


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In a new order, which will come into force at midnight on Sunday May 10, those who live in the same residence will be able to travel in the same car, occupying all of the seats and without having to wear a mask.

This will apply to areas that are in Phase 0 as well as Phase 1 – i.e., the entire country.
The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, establishes the following "for private vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, as many people as the car has seats may travel in the vehicle, provided they all reside in the same address. In this case, the use of a mask will not be necessary. "
On the other hand, "when not all of them live at the same address, two people can occupy each row of seats, provided they use a mask and respect the maximum possible distance between the occupants".
In phase 0 the number of activities for which you may use your car is still limited and many of them must be carried out individually.

The Transport order also modifies regulations on the use of motorcycles: On motorcycles, designed to carry a pillion passenger, two people may travel as long as they wear a full helmet with a visor, or a mask and providing they reside at the same address.