Estepona activates 33 million euros of economic stimulus


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Estepona.- The Town Hall has worked ever since the state of emergency was declared, to put in place procedures to allow companies to tender for the the largest volume of public investment in the town to generate employment and boost the local economy.
The Mayor, José María García Urbano, explained that, after lifting the central government ban, the Council has put out to tender in record time several public works to generate employment and boost the local economy.
In particular, in the last hours the local authroity has begun works on the future Town Hall (15 million euros) and has put out to tender projects for the execution of the underground parking and the remodeling of the Plaza del Ajedrez (15 million euros), the remodeling and beautification of 11 streets in the old town (1.5 million euros), the river corridor in the Arroyo de Las Cañas area (250,000 euros), energy efficiency plans in three municipal offices (761,000 euros), roadworks in the Camino de Las Antenas (200,000 euros) and a painting programme in various educational centres (100,000 euros).
In addition to these initiatives, the government team will promote other projects in the coming days that will mobilize a total of 80 million euros.