Casares to allocate 1,425,000 euros to counter the economic effects of Covid-19


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Casares.- The local authorities in Casares will propose at the council meeting on the 11th May the approval of a municipal economic 'shock plan' of investment measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis caused by covid-19 in the domestic and business fabric of the municipality.

Some measures have already been agreed ahead of the session by the members of the government team with the opposition parties during the meeting of the Board of Representatives.

This is a full sitting of the council, which will be held remotely and whose agenda highlights the approval of budget modifications and other procedures to free up the necessary finance to allow the implementation of the measures of the 'shock plan' for the economic recovery of the municipality.
This investment plan with a budget of 1,425,000 euros, says Pepe Carrasco, includes four lines of action aimed at increasing social measures, aid and subsidies to companies, investments in minor works to revive local companies, and the incorporation of € 725,000 into the budget, from the 2019 surplus earmarked for social and environmental investments.
€ 180,000 for social measures with an aid programme aimed at families.
€ 100,000 for local companies through a Strategic Tourism Plan, a new line of aid for the self-employed and small and medium sized business, and a plan for the promotion and marketing of local products.
€ 420,000 in investments to undertake minor works in the three population centres of the municipality and its outlying areas that will contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and facilitate job creation.
Incorporation into the budget of € 725,000 of the 2019 surplus for social investments such as the construction of the Casares Costa nursery school, the refurbishment work of the Senior Centre, and the rehabilitation and beautification and restoration of the historic town centre.