Absense of provincial technicians delays the completion of works "The Painters" streets


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Manilva.- Remote working practices and the absence of Provincial Government (Diputación) technicians, responsible for Health and Safety, as well as the Technical Directorate for these projects, awarded by the Town Council but financed and managed by Diputación, has prevented the recomencement of the works by the contractor.

Diego José Jiménez, Manilva councillor for Infrastructure and Public Works confirmed this situation to La Voz del Resident assuring us that "we are pushing for the immediate restart of this work, which causes significant inconvenience to the residents, who must understand that the situation is beyond the control of the local council".
Jiménez also assured that "we are working for the appointment of a coordinator of Health and Safety, as well as a municipal Technical Director on a temporary basis, but the process takes a little time. but despite this, we hope that the works will resume immediately."
Diego José Jiménez, also made reference to other works that are experiencing the same situation, such as those on Calles Isidoro, Alvarez Leiva and Posito, about which he commented that "these works are subject to the same situation but we are not concerned because they do not represent such a high inconvenience for the residents as those in the "Calles Los Pintores" area in Sabinillas do".