Improvements and repairs in local children´s parks and gardens


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Manilva.- As announced in an interview with La Voz del Resident last week and in order to avoid congestion on the promenade, various recreational areas such as the Huerto Park in Castillo, Villa Matilde, El Duque, Bosquipak, Maicandil or Arroyo Perales in Sabinillas and La Horca and the area around the football ground in Manilva, along with green areas in the municipality have been spruced up ready for use. The Goleto park is currently being prepared and will open soon.

Children's play areas, with swings and games, will remain sealed until the state regulations permit them to be opened, their use is totally prohibited, these areas being fully signposted.

The roads that lead to each of these green areas have also been disinfected to increase security measures.