​19 detained in police raids on a number of properties in Manilva and other locations across Malaga Province


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Manilva.- Officers of the National Police and Guardia Civil have dismantled an organization made up entirely of Chinese citizens who are charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal group, drug trafficking, defrauding electricity, falsifying documents, robbery with violence and intimidation, robbery with force and illegal residence.
After several weeks of a joint investigation, it was determined that the criminal group had several houses and industrial warehouses that they used as marijuana plantations, all of them with 24-hour surveillance and maintenance by people, living in poor health conditions, even sleeping on the floor, all under the iron control of the leaders of the criminal group.
The criminal group had built tunnels from inside the buildings to access the public lighting network, in order to obtain the necessary power for the cultivation of marijuana, thus concealing possible inspections by the electricity companies.
The State Security Forces were already aware that Chinese nationals were beginning to engage in this type of illegal activity, which until now was generally carried out by citizens of other nationalities, a fact that has been verified with this investigation.
9,000 marijuana plants have been seized in the operation, in four indoor plantations, 19,000 euros in cash, four vehicles, forged passports from the People's Republic of China, material for the falsification of documents, numerous tools for the production, packaging and distribution of the drug and mobile phones, among other materials.
After giving a statement before the Court in Malaga, thirteen of the detainees were placed in detention.