The Mayor of Casares reports "three cases of coronavirus self isolation"


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Casares.- The Mayor of Casares spoke to the public on his social network, assuring them that "I want to send a message of reassurance to the people of Casares, while reminding them that we must be responsible and follow the security measures to the letter, we will now be allowed to start going out now that de-escalation begins".
Pepe Carrasco also stated that "we are aware that there is concern in the population that there are some cases in Casares of Covid19. We want to let you know that it is the SAS, and the respective health districts, that directly disclose this data, and that The Council is not officially informed, so that the members of the local government have learned from the media that there are two cases in the municipality, as the format for presenting the figures by municipality has been released this week."
Carrasco ends his note with a "both myself, as Mayor, and all those who form the government team respect the privacy of people, while making ourselves available for anything they may need."