More than 500 lost objects are on Police file in Casares


Objetos perdidos 1030x542

Casares.- People who have lost something can search the Catalogue of Objects which can be accessed through the link on the notice board of the electronic headquarters of the Casares Town Hall:…/objetosp…/objetosperdidos.aspx
The catalogue contains mostly jewellery items such as rings, pendants and earrings that have been found in the Casares waste treatment plant and in other places in the municipality.
In order to guarantee ownership, the ordinance states that “to claim an item you must provide personal data to prove ownership, presenting invoices, contracts or any other document or means that proves the same"

And in the event of "not having any document or means, they must provide a detailed and precise description of the object, as well as any other data deemed necessary or may be required by the acting official."