Municipalities without coronavirus and those that do not exceed 10 positives


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In the Province of Malaga there are 38 municipalities without coronavirus cases and another 47 with less than 10 confirmed cases, Malaga city accounts for half of the 3,060 confirmed infections in the province, followed by the more than 200 reported in Marbella.

The province of Malaga currently has 3,060 confirmed cases of coronavirus, but the real impact of the pandemic is spread quite unevenly across the municipalities.
The Costa del Sol has registered 595 positives and by province, the highest rate of infections is registered in Granada and Jaén, with 264 and 223 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Municipality of Manilva has had 3 registered cases, compared to 45 in Estepona, while Casares only presents one case of coronavirus.

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