80 Million euros to revitalize the local economy


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Estepona.- EsteponaTown Council has been working for a month on the administrative procedure that will allow the mobilization of a total of 80 million euros in productive investments in the town that will generate employment and boost the local economy.

Up to this time, the Council has ensured that all the corresponding administrative documents have been completed and the Council is in a position to simultaneously launch the largest volume of public investment carried out in the town; an initiative that at the moment is restrained by the prohibition of the central government to carry out public contracts during the state of emergency.
As announced on March 20, Estepona Council has been working since the state of emergency began in three areas: on the one hand, the mobilization of this significant volume of public investment; the plan to support local companies with the award of two million euros in works and services exclusively to companies in Estepona, along with an unlimited social aid plan so that no resident sees their basic needs neglected.