Manilva approves a budget of more than 27,5 million euros


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Manilva.- Manilva Town Council's budget rises from €26 million income and €25.5 million of expenses in 2019 to €27.65 million for the year 2020, with the report by the auditor, which confirms that it complies with the Principle of Budgetary Stability and Expenses Rules.

The council is aware and has made it clear "that following the state of emergency, it will be necessary to make a joint effort to resume public and private activity with guarantees that ensure that Manilva continues on the path of progress."
In general terms, the main departments such as Infrastructures and Planning are strengthened, with a budget of €2.6 million for 2020, for the development of projects and the Planning Department is also endowed with an initial €13,000.
The Cleaning Department has a significant rise, to almost €2.5 million for this year, with the aim of improving and modernizing cleaning operations.
Employment Promotion remains around €110,000 for the development of workshops and courses, while the Treasury has a significant decline, having liquidated the historical debt with the Tax Agency and having renegotiated terms with Social Security.
The Education Department will have available €95,000 and Culture maintains its budget of around €100,000, with the Social Services budget being €580,000, for the maintenance of the social job creation, the implementation of programmes and social activities.
Foreign Residents and Tourism will also have a small rise while Commerce also sees additional funds and the Environment has one of the more significant percentage increases for important and innovative programmes such as the maintenance of river channels, the CES plan and protection of the natural environment.
The budget also includes the improvement of Public Security, which will contribute to improving the strength of Local Police, Civil Protection, Fire and Towing Service.
On another point of order, and one that has been most debated has been the approval of the specifications for the transfer of the Sabinillas Sports Complex into private management, a proposal which was opposed by Izquierda Unida who voted against it.
The <mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, closed the council session, reaching out to the opposition saying that "we all have to pull in the same direction so that our resident have the best possible quality of life with good quality services and first class infrastructure".