Estepona increases cleaning and disinfection acitivities


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Estepona.- Estepona Council reports that cleaning and disinfecting actions on public roads have increased by 40 percent since the state of emergency was decreed to combat the coronavirus.

The special cleaning plan that has been put in place allows an average of 140 streets in the town centre and the suburbs to be cleaned and disinfected every day. In addition, the additional staff and the new equipment available allow preventative disinfections to be carried out inside sensitive centres such as the four nursing homes in the municipality and the Aprona centre, which cares for people with intellectual disabilities.

Since the state of emergency was decreed, Estepona Council has consumed around 1,700 litres of disinfectant products and more than 1,800 cubic metres of water to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading in Estepona's public spaces.